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Trundle transforming where children sleep. We collaborate with kids and their caretakers to create safe, inspiring spaces where they can dream.  Combining creativity, a small budget and teamwork, we make visible progress, quickly. Children learn that they don't have to settle for things as they are. Simply applying a fresh coat of paint, they prove to themselves that they can begin to change the walls and world in which they live. Co-founded by Maris Garcia and Kristen Zelenka.

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The Experience

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connect, create, construct

The Trundle experience includes three phases: connect, create and construct. Step by step, we empower you with tools and techniques to transform your space – so you can makeover another room when we're done with the first!

1. Connect

Our process starts by getting to know each other and the ins & outs of where you'll sleep and study.


meet & greet
Send us an email or give us a call so we can chat and find a time to meet face to face!

show & tell
We ask you questions and follow you on a tour of your room so you can help us learn about your life, space, needs and dreams. 

measure up
From wall to wall, floor to ceiling and window sill to curtain rod, we take the measurements together so we know exactly what will fit where.

2. Create

Together, we collaborate to create a smart, inspiring space that suits your style and budget. 


mock it up
Furniture is heavy! That's why we use model pieces and a small scale floor grid so you can design new bedroom layouts in a matter of minutes without lifting much.

find it & pin it
Sharing ideas for furniture, colors, patterns and accessories has never been easier or more fun! Through Pintrest, we all post inspiration, give feedback and align on what to get from where.

add & subtract
A shared custom calculator helps us estimate our expenses and determine what fits within the budget. 

3. Construct

We all roll up our sleeves and completely transform the space with paint, furniture and custom art. 


hunt & gather
Purchasing, collecting, and checking all furniture and supplies starts to bring the concept to life before we put it all together. 

deck the walls
Taping, edging, priming, and painting – nothing freshens up a room or convinces you that change can happen so quickly as a few new coats of color.

build skills & furniture
As we assemble new furniture, from desks to dressers to loft beds, you'll build confidence and great new pieces to outfit your space and store lots of stuff.

customize creatively
We bring the art project and you bring the inspiration to personalize your space and create a sense of ownership and individuality.

dedicate the space
Once the big transformation wraps, we'll reflect on our experience and how far you and your space have come!

Every family and space has different needs. We will work with you to scope a project that works best for you and your home!