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Trundle transforming where children sleep. We collaborate with kids and their caretakers to create safe, inspiring spaces where they can dream.  Combining creativity, a small budget and teamwork, we make visible progress, quickly. Children learn that they don't have to settle for things as they are. Simply applying a fresh coat of paint, they prove to themselves that they can begin to change the walls and world in which they live. Co-founded by Maris Garcia and Kristen Zelenka.


A new room for Natanel

Kristen Zelenka

Connect: How we met

I refer to Naomi, Natanel's mom, as "my first friend-by-choice." She was the first person I had to make an effort to keep in touch with after we met, which was at overnight camp in 1989 – I was 11 and she was 10. When our summer session ended, she went home to Champaign and I returned to Chicago. At the time 150 miles seemed far, far away. After years of being in different states and countries, we finally ended up in the same city. I am so grateful to have Naomi, her husband Adam, and their son Natanel so close by!

Photo by Jonah Karsh

Photo by Jonah Karsh

Soon after I spoke with Naomi about our first Trundle transformation with the Quillo family, she asked for our help, quickly! Natanel was starting to climb up and out of his crib. He needed a big-boy bed and room set up as soon as possible.

Our first goal was to learn about their priorities for Natanel's new space (a twin sized bed, a place to sit when both parents read him bedtime stories, storage for books and toys, and a comfortable bed for guests). We took measurements and got to work. First, measuring everyone in the family... then the space!

Create: Putting the pieces together

Knowing the dimensions of the room and desired types of furniture, Naomi and Adam started to configure new layouts. We learned quickly that what seemed like a big room became a lot smaller when we tried to fit a bed for Natanel and a sleeper sofa inside it. Our namesake came to the rescue, with a pop-up trundle bed being a potential solution for accommodating a young boy on an everyday basis and the occasional out of town guests.

Having the model furniture to play around with is really helpful because I’m not good at envisioning the space.
— Naomi

Repurposing what they've got

Putting together Natanel's room will require some new purchases, but to his parents surprise, they are able to reuse several pieces of furniture already in their home they hadn't intended on incorporating into the space. Once we determined exactly what we needed for the room, existing bookshelves, a dresser and even a big blue chair (currently residing in the living room) became obvious choices.

We're excited to move along with Natanel's new bedroom – there's just one thing in the way. His parents' stuff! What was a guest room and extra storage space for clean laundry and a large collection of books must be cleaned out. Natanel's bedroom makeover is now a transformation for the family as they adapt their home and belongings to meet their changing needs. It's a good thing they have nice (and fairly empty) built-in shelves in the living room!


Next Steps

We're sharing inspiration and product information for beds, bedding , bookcases, storage solutions, rugs and more on Pintrest. From this collection of items, we'll narrow down exactly what to get! Stay tuned for our next update...


Post by Maris